Selecting Cremation Jewelry To Help Children Cope


Losing a parent, friend, or loved one is especially traumatic for children. Depending on the age of the child, it is hard for them to really understand their emotions and the grieving process. If the person who has passed away is to be cremated, it may be beneficial to consider purchasing an ash pendant, or cremation jewelry, for the child. This piece of jewelry will give them something tangible to remember them by that could be placed on key rings, backpacks, or necklace chains.

8 September 2015

Canadian Burial Laws: What The Laws Say And How They Apply To You


If you are planning ahead for your own burial service, be aware that there are multiple laws, regulations, and codes restricting burials, cremations and the operation of funeral homes in Ontario, Canada. Although this is not unusual for most developed countries, you should become familiar with what these laws say so you and your surviving family members understand how the laws apply to your pre-death funerary arrangements. Some laws are fairly common knowledge, while others are not.

11 August 2015